Casket Flowers for a Funeral

Casket flowers are usually the responsibility of the deceased member's family, typically the children or the person handling all the funeral arrangements. Before you order casket flowers, it would be wise to talk with the family or person dealing with the arrangements.

There are two main types of casket floral arrangements:

  • Lid spray- This is also known as a full-couch casket spray, which goes down the casket length.
  • Foot spray - This is also known as a half-couch casket spray; it's shorter and used mainly when the casket is going to be half-open.

It's up to you what kind of flowers and casket sprays to purchase for the funeral. Many people opt for the classic, conventional look while other folks will settle for a theme on a personalized tribute. For instance, you could send a wealth of bright flowers of the passionate gardener.

Modest and Exquisite

If you're looking to send flowers that are both exquisite and simple, you can send all-white flowers along with deep green foliage, which provides a focal point for the funeral service. The Angel Wings Casket Spray includes the exotic white dendrobiumand orchids. Orchids, which have been a symbol for wisdom, beauty and love, create a stunning display with the tropical greenery background.

Warm and Cheerful

The Drop of Sunshine Casket Spray was created for the youth casket so that it conveys life and warmth on a very sad occasion. It's got a mixture of yellow and white blooms and is a tribute to the life lived with both hope and joy. This casket spray contains both gerbera daisies (standing for innocence) and chrysanthemums (standing for faithfulness); it's tied together using a bright yellow ribbon. This warm and cheerful casket spray is to send the message of trust, life and hopefulness.

Solace and Relief

When you want something comforting and soothing, a mixture of fresh flowers is a great option. And, when you want something classic that expresses these feelings, you can go with the Forever Beloved Casket Spray. It includes the following flowers:

  • Roses - eternal love
  • Larkspur - passionate attachment
  • Lilies - virtue
  • Pink Carnations - I will never forget you

Beautiful and Respectful

The pure white Resurrection Casket Spray is brimming with a significant assortment of fresh white flowers and is a heartfelt classic for the occasion. This casket spray represents veracity, pureness and humbleness and are a great choice to express love and respectful during the service. The spray tends to include the following flowers:

  • Carnations - For Beauty
  • White Roses - Innocence
  • Monte Casino Asters - For Love & Patience
  • Tulips - For an Open Heartrt

Beautiful and Soft

When you want to express your condolences for a woman who brought a lot of joy and spirit to all those who knew and loved her, the pink Sweetly Rest Casket Spray is a beauitful way to do it. It's a mixture of roses, Asiatic lilies and light and dark pink-colored carnations, which is a flower that represents beauty and has been used for over 2,000 years. It's certainly a beautiful focal point for the somber moment.

Regardless of what floral arrangement you decide on to show your condolences, you can rest assured that Teleflora will provide fresh flowers and beauty with serious personal attention. uring this sad time, casket flowers and other arrangements can give comfort and solace to those who need it most. And, they'll be handled with great care and special thought, delivering the sympathies you're looking to express.