Flower Meanings by Color

Flowers are easily the most symbolic type of plant around. Flowers are used for much more than their aesthetic appeal, and frequently there is an unspoken message behind each time flowers are exchanged hands. However, to someone who doesn't have a lot of experience with using flowers, all of these potential meanings for flowers can be incredibly complicated and confusing. That is where we are going to come in, because in this article we are going to cover the most important flower color meanings.

Possibly the most obvious of the color meanings, and that is red. Red is a symbol of both love and passion. One of the main reasons for this association is that the rose, another one of the biggest symbols of love, is naturally red. If you want to send some flowers to tell a loved one how much you really love them, you should not have to look any further than red.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that pink and red represent similar things, since pink is an off-color of red, and it would appear that pink is a popular color for Valentine's day as well. But this actually isn't the case, and it has its own set of meanings that are completely unique to any other flower color. Pink represents all things girl-related and feminism, so if you are just looking to give some flowers to one of your girlfriends to let them know you still love them then pink should be your first color of choice. Different hues of pink will change the meaning of it slightly, but it is important to note that most of the time a pink flower will represent femininity. However, if you are a guy and receive a pink flower, don't let it offend you because it can also symbolize generosity and gentleness.

White is probably one of the most popular colors when it comes to sending flowers, and it also has a wide spectrum of different meanings that all come from being white. One of the most important meanings of a white flower is purity and innocence. For example, if you are bringing flowers to a baby shower, it is a good idea to use white flowers rather than any other color, because white while symbolize the purity of the newborn baby. Like red, white can also symbolize love, but not in such a deep and passionate way, but still worth mentioning. The most important of the white flower color meanings is definitely the innocence and pure joy of something. White flowers always look good wherever they are, so that is also a reason why they are so incredibly popular.

Not all colors are as subtle as white and pink, and colors such as orange mean something far different. For example, orange can express something like warmth and comfort, which is typically associated with any warm feeling. This is because orange colored flowers typically give off a warm feeling to them. However, there are far more flower color meanings to orange than merely warmth. It can also represent a sense of admiration towards the recipient. The important thing here to remember is that orange is a very exciting and vibrant color, and the message that you are sending should be as well.

Yellow is another color that doesn't exact fade into the background, it is a very attention grabbing color and that is what the message of anyone who is sending some yellow flowers should be. Yellow can represent youthfulness and energy, as it is a very lively color that seems to go well with that theme. It also can represent a little bit of excitement, and some happiness. Think of it as the sun, which always symbolizes happiness and radiance; yellow flowers are essentially the same thing as that.

Nobody wants to make the mistake of sending some flowers with the wrong message so it is important to remember what flower color is appropriate for which occasion. Flower color meanings can be confusing for some people, but once you get the idea down, it can be a very effective way of getting a message across without needing words.