Sending Your Condolences Properly: How to Handle Sending Sympathy Flowers to Funerals

Wherever you are in the world, funeral flowers play a significant part in the funeral customs due to their soothing qualities and aromatic beauty. Flowers also play the part of hope, reminding the bereaved that there is hope! In the past, it was tradition for the grieving family to anoint the body of the deceased with herbs and flowers. Plants and sweet-smelling flowers would decorate the burial site.

In our culture, flowers are still the most beautiful way to send condolences when they are no words to say. When a family is grieving, sympathy flowers send the message of hope...when people need hope the most to get past this hard time. Do you need help sending flowers to the bereaved?

Common Questions People Often Ask About Sending Flowers to a Funeral

Want to know if sending flowers is still a good idea even after the funeral? If so, then consider the information below to assist you during this hard time.

  1. You just heard of a friend's passing...several months after it happened. Should you send funeral flowers to the family?

    Regardless of when you have heard the news about the death, sending flowers to the family is the right thing. You can still send a floral arrangement to the home of the deceased's family members.

  2. How do you handle out of town funerals?

    There are several different kinds of services including memorial services and traditional funerals. You can send funeral flowers to any one of these services. If you plan on sending flowers to an out of town service, Funeral Flowers Shop will work with a local florist who will make the delivery and follow the local customs and assure your order makes it to the proper place at the proper time. The local florist can also come up with a design that will fit the service.

  3. How do you sign a card that has many different people chipping in for the floral arrangement?

    You can use either the business name, group or use each person's name on the condolence card. Make sure that list is as short as possible. You could also get a greeting card and have everybody sign their name to it while you collect the contributions. Once you do that, bring the signed card to the flower shop so they can place it with the design you buy and send.

  4. How there specific types of flowers you recommend tosend to a funeral?

    All types of flowers can be tastefully arranged so that it can express your condolences and sympathies. Now, if you plan on sending a floral design to the memorial or funeral service, you'll want to purchase a larger floral arranagement with statement flowers including the following flowers:
    • Carnations
    • Gladioli
    • Lilies
    • Roses
    • Standard chrysanthemums
    • Snapdragons

    If you plan on sending flowers to the home, you might want to go with a mid to small sized floral design. This can include a number of flowers such as:
    • Alstroemeria
    • Carnations
    • Daisies
    • Delphinium
    • Liatris
    • Lilies
    • Roses
    • Spray roses
    • Stock

Before you send a gift, you might want to learn what it means. If you need more ideas on you can send, consider checking out the different funeral flowers in the store.