Flower Arrangements for a Funeral Service

Flowers delivered to funeral services are living tributes to those who have passed on. If you are unable to attend the funeral, have the flowers delivered to the home address of the deceased's loved ones. In most instances, a flower arrangement is placed in a vase or decorative basket and delivered to the funeral. If you prefer, you could give similar arrangements like easels, wreaths, or even standing sprays. Depending upon the region, plants which are in bloom make an excellent choice. Many people request arrangements of a certain type which can be donated to area hospitals or rest homes after the funeral.

I want to have flowers delivered, but I don't know what the service's design scheme will be.

In this situation, you could send flowers perched on a standalone easel. These can be easily transported and enjoyed in any room. An understated, elegant mix of whites and pastels, the Exquisite Tribute Standing Spray is a wonderful choice for almost any memorial service. Assembled by hand and delivered by our local florist specialists, the spray consists of white roses, lilies, chrysanthemums and carnations. The white indicates faithfulness, and the roses symbolize unconditional love. You may also consider the timeless Treasured Memories Standing Spray, a similar standalone easel arrangement. This option is a classic blend of red roses, burgundy carnations, red gerbera diasies trimmed with beautiful white button poms.

I want to give more uplifting flowers.

Memorial services are times to not only take steps toward acceptance of the death, but also a time to rejoice the life lived by the deceased and the joy they brought to their friends and family. To honor this sentiment, vivid, colorful arrangements are a perfect choice, as they can lend a sense of joy while maintaining appropriate reverence. The Blessings of the Earth Easel is an exquisite mix of Lavender roses, pink carnations, pink Asiatic lilies, blue hydrangea, yellow stock, lavender button poms, solidago and lush greens which foster inspiration and newfound optimism.

I want to deliver an arrangement which can be used at the funeral as well as the church service.

For services spanning several days, it is a good idea to send arrangements which feature self-contained water sources or floral foam. Doing so will keep the flowers lively and robust for an extended time. Among the design options are flowers in vases, decorative containers, and elegant baskets. The Precious Peace Arrangement is one such arrangement which is composed of gorgeous carnations, lilies, gladiolus and lush greens. Green plants are also long lasting and may be the right choice for plants to be saved following the funeral.

I want to pay tribute to the dead with a symbolic gesture.

Among the many different Christian symbols which elegantly honor the deceased, the cross is among the most common. A timeless symbol of tribute and faith, the Floral Cross Easel is assembled from a beautiful array of white carnations, flowers which have symbolized pride and beauty since antiquity. A vivid mix of red roses adorn the cross, creating an attractive arrangement and an elegant centerpiece.