Sending Sympathy Flowers to the Family's Home

The Kinds of Funeral Flowers That Best Express Your Condolences and Sympathy to a Grieving Family

When you send flowers to a family who has lost a loved one, it’s done to express your sympathy and give them hope, peace and comfort. Flowers are one way to say “I’m sorry for your loss. You have my prayers.” There are all kinds of floral arrangements such as:

Some folks will opt for a garden of green plants that’s highlighted with a blooming plant for its color.

Flowers are reassuring reminders that friends still have their family in mind during this sad time...even if the flowers are sent weeks after the death and funeral. There are some cases, especially in the Jewish culture, where a gourmet or fruit basket is most appreciated by the family who will have out-of-town guests visiting during the grieving period. This gift has two duties:

  • It informs the family that they have your condolences.
  • It can help nurture the family and their friends.

You might be wondering what kind style of flowers to send, as you don’t want to make a mistake and cause them even more pain. Here’s a little help:

You’d rather send a gift that will last longer than the flowers will.

Most folks tend to think of flowers when they want to express their sympathies. However, if you want something that lasts and still expresses sympathy, consider sending a plant. For example, the Gentle Blossoms Plant Basket is a mixture of both flower and plants. It’s a bucolic farm basket loaded with a variety of flowers such as:

- African violet
- Azalea
- Hypoestes
- Ivy plants
- Miniature rose

The Loving Light Dishgarden Plant is another worthwhile option, as it’s decorated with birch and put inside a natural basket. For over 2,000 years, Chinese gardens have grown the chrysanthemum plant. It’s a symbol of fidelity, which sends a message of both love and light during the hard time. It’s a way to show compassion and express condolences, which the family can enjoy for many months after the funeral.

You’d like to send a gift to the family’s home that’s not overly extravagant and respectful.

When you want to be classy in showing your condolences, nothing will beat a mixture of white flowers. This colored flower represents respect, humbleness and faithfulness. One such option you could send is the Moring Stars Arrangement, which has a mixture of the following flowers:

  • White Roses
  • White Carnations
  • Gladiolus
  • Oriental Lilies

They’re traditionally designed and placed inside the funeral basket. If you’re looking to send an arrangement to the funeral, this is a perfect choice. However, it can also be sent to the deceased family’s home.

You could also do the In Our Thoughts Arrangement, which is full of white roses, tulips, freesia, oriental lillies, double lisanthums, monte casino asters and snapdragons in a wicker basket.r. It’s a simple but elegant basket that sends the message of grace and hope.

I’d like to send an arrangement that’s bright and colorful despite the sad moment.

Yes, funerals are sad times but you don’t have to make the sympathy arrangement sad too. Rather, you can send an arrangement that’s both flamboyant and bright so the family members can rejoice the life that was lost and how he/she lived. They can also be a great diversion when it’s the visitation. For instance, Truly Loved Basket has a mixture of bright colors such as:

  • Purple
  • Fuchsia
  • Lavender
  • Jade

You’d like to send a timeless arrangement that can be used at the home and service.

The timeless white funeral basket with handle starts off the conventional sympathy arrangement such as our Traditional Vase Arrangement.This arrangement is adorned with pink, yellow and white blooms. This is a very considerate gift that expresses your heartfelt sympathies. The following flowers are included in the vase:

- Snapdragons - stands for graciousness
- Carnations - stands for beauty
- Daisies - stands for loyalty